Introducing the iCON (iCEP and iCED Connect)

iCON is a cloud-based server and services platform for managing connected iCEP/D systems and implementing innovative M2M (machine to machine) applications. Using built-in Internet connectivity, iCEP and iCED systems send notifications regarding elevator location, information, logs, events, alarms and more to the iCON server.

Using the iCON, elevator companies and their technicians can react quickly and more effectively – thus significantly reducing service & operational costs

iCON improves elevator monitoring and enables new capabilities -- even for older elevators!

iCON improves monitoring and enables new capabilities — even for older elevators!

Optional add-ons:

  • Elevator management & control
  • Pattern analysis
  • Remote software updates
  • Flexible CMS (content management)
  • Integration with third-party and enterprise solutions


In-Elevator Apps

Intelligent applications can be downloaded and added as services to the iCEP

Automatically take passengers to their destination using voice activation and face recognition.

Allow technicians to receive elevator malfunction alerts via mobile apps, thereby decreasing reaction time.

Allow passengers to summon the elevator from their apartment, office or parking spot using a smartphone application.

Send logs and statistical information, for better control and preventive maintenance.

Provide property managers ways to generate revenues through targeted advertising.