A new world of Intelligent Elevators

Escalade’s iCEP (Intelligent Connected Elevator Panel), is a powerful platform for user interface and system management of elevators, offering numerous applications.

With its ability to upgrade any elevator, old or new, with advanced technology, Escalade’s iCEP (Intelligent Connected Elevator Panel) is a truly revolutionary platform. New, never-before-seen capabilities offered by iCEP are creating a paradigm shift in the world of elevators.

services Even today, conventional elevators are still built mostly from mechanical and electro-mechanical parts. Typically, the only "smart" unit capable of decision making is the elevator controller.
refresh Now, with Escalade’s iCEP, the market has access to a new, highly-intelligent platform for elevators. The iCEP reduces operational costs and enables applications and business models never before seen in the industry.
building Unlike conventional elevator control panels, the iCEP is completely interactive with the elevator, its passengers and the outside world. In addition to advanced software and hardware, the “telephone-like” keypad design allows the iCEP to service any building with any number of floors.

Advantages of iCEP Elevators

Escalade’s iCEP elevator control panel offers many advantages unique to the industry:

  • Easily & rapidly configured for any building, with any number of floors
  • Operates with all elevator controllers and fits into any metal fixture
  • Easy configuration, installation & secured remote access dramatically increases the serviceability of the elevator, reducing costs for the customer
  • Increased elevator efficiency through advanced analysis algorithms
  • Highly customizable, multimedia-enabled user interface – for an advanced user experience for passengers
  • Meets the latest North American and European regulations and elevator standards (SNEL, EN 81, ASME 17.1, ADA and more)
  • Escalade’s iCON (iCEP Connect) is a powerful, flexible and robust server solution, providing iCEP connectivity for web access, mobile applications, advanced M2M communication capabilities, and a multitude of other possibilities
  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) compared to traditional elevator panels

iCEP Features

The iCEP serves as a gateway between the elevator cabin and the outside world:

  • A robust RTOS (real time operating system) with multiple fail-safe mechanisms and “mission-critical” reliability designed specifically for industrial applications
  • Touch keypad
  • Color display
  • 2-Way voice & messaging system
  • Remote connectivity (via PSTN/Ethernet/Cellular modem)
  • Advanced M2M (machine to machine) communication capabilities
  • Emergency lights
  • An expandable core, ready for additional modules and other add-ons

The iCEP platform is designed to grow with customer needs. Embedded cameras, biometric sensors, proximity tags, smoke detectors and other hardware modules can be added during initial installation, or later, as after-market add-ons.

Escalade’s iCEP offers great advantages over traditional elevator panels:
Features Traditional Elevator Panel Escalade iCEP
Logistics Every panel is custom built to meet each building’s specific characteristics ONE solution - each panel can be configured to suit any building, with any number of floors, dramatically reducing lead time & logistical issues.
Installation Numerous cables and wires from each button and other sub-modules ONE solution - the installation of the panel and display can be completed in minutes
Integration Separate components and modules, often by different vendors ONE solution – Completely integrated & comprehensive: touch panel, display, emergency phone, emergency lights and voice
Reliability Multiple mechanical & electro-mechanical components with dedicated wiring and integration, which contribute to MULTIPLE points of failure that are difficult to test and check ONE comprehensive solution - Only ONE point of failure that can easily be tested and checked. Robust, solid-state electronics, which are not subject to the same “wear & tear” as conventional mechanical components
Configuration On-site configuration and adaptation not possible Escalade software tools allow configuration of the panel at any location, even on-site
Service & Maintenance In case of malfunction, the technician needs to examine the panel in the field Escalade software tools and connectivity offer the highest levels of remote serviceability
Security No security besides mechanical key • Floors can be protected by password • Optional replaceable tokens • Optional emergency response • Expandable modules: RFID tag readers, biometric sensors, etc. • Voice and face recognition under roadmap
Remote Connectivity Not available from the cabin, some expensive information displays offer remote access but ONLY to the display Remote access to panel enables configuration, service, maintenance, and upgrading of software WITHOUT the need for an on-site visit
Availability of Logs & Statistics Not available from the cabin or the panel Service and usage logs are stored and sent to designated recipients, increasing efficiency of service schedules and visits
“Mini Destination” Not available Traffic analysis capabilities, which can be used to contribute to energy savings and reduced passenger wait times
Passenger Interaction Not available Intelligent interaction with passengers (e.g. choice of floor can influence company branding or advertising that is shown on display
Services Not available Large variety of applications and services can be offered to elevator companies and property managers

See For Yourself

  • iCEP Keypad

  • Braille

  • iCEP Display in Fixture

  • iCEP Display Rear View

  • iCEP Display Side View

  • iCEP Expansion slots

  • iCEP Main Front View

  • iCEP Main Rear View

  • iCEP Main Rear View

  • LOP (Landing Operating Panel)