The world's leading towers are now discovering the advantages of smart elevator screens - enabling information transfer in real time, improving passenger experience, maintaining safety and offering segmented advertising. The time is right to now bring this concept to a wider market.

Escalade has joined forces with ADTV, a pioneer in the Israeli Smart Screens market that is leading the digital advertising world and "uplifting" it to new segments. Together with ADTV, we are now introducing a new line of smart multimedia systems for elevators - the iCED (Intelligent Connected Elevator Display).

The iCED

The iCED has various features which are not common in other elevator or digital displays such as:

  • Powerful and flexible embedded solution built and targeted for elevator conditions
  • Adding one or two-way video and audio channel (over wireless or wired networks) to the system for emergency call or surveillance/security purposes. This means that trapped passengers can see and hear a friendly face (concierge/front desk/remote rescue service person) in case of emergency using the iCED.
  • Providing very accurate position indication, direction and elevator statistics using built-in sensors without any connection to the elevator controller. This information is part of a flexible service targeted to the property/building manager or the elevator maintenance company
  • Very powerful and flexible cloud based CMS systems to manage rich content, campaigns, online messages and other widgets of the iCED in addition to remote monitoring of installed units in the field
  • Easy and quick installation process of the system into existing or new elevators

The iCED is an all-in-one system and comes in various display sizes (10, 15 or 18.5 inches and larger). It supports various open frame and external (surface mount) housing options which easily fits into cabins. The iCED


  • All-in-one Smart Screen solution
  • Simple & convenient installation, without the need to add additional communication cables
  • Combining advanced elevator display with unique advertising platform and communication system to transmit messages in real time
  • The Smart Screen provides an exclusive and innovative appearance that upgrades the building’s elevators – from high towers to mid-size residential/office buildings
  • The screen can easily be interfaced with every type of elevator
  • The screen can easily be adapted to any elevator cabin
  • Variety of cloud based services unique in this segment


  • Display elevator’s activities: floor number and arrow direction
  • Display emergency warnings for fire, overload, door obstruction etc.
  • Interactive resident listing
  • Informative scroll: news flashes, stocks and more
  • Transmitting messages to residents in real time
  • Video clips and images: using convenient and user-friendly CMS tools
  • (Optional) voice annotation and emergency phone (over wireless)
  • (Optional) video call for emergency and/or security/surveillance
  • (Optional) elevator travel analysis and monitoring
  • (Optional) connectivity to 3rd party building management software