iCEP-LOP (Landing Operating Panel/Hall Unit)

iCEP LOP installed at each floor and used to summon the elevator to the designated floor.lop1

iCEP LOP – the most advanced hall unit in the market!


  • Similar technology to iCEP system
  • Touch illuminated buttons
  • Replaceable face plates for UP and DOWN buttons
  • Based on discrete or CAN (controller area network) communication to controller and iCEP
  • 4.3 inch color display OR 3 inch monochrome (B&W) graphical display
  • Sound and Audio capabilities


Optional Security/Access Control for restricted usage

  • Proximity/RFID tag reader
  • 13.56-MHz ISO14443 A,B /NFC
  • Easy “pairing“ process between cards and iCEP LOP
  • OR Biometric sensor for fingerprint based authentication


Unique software features

  • Shows estimated time of arrival
  • In group control, can also display which car will arrive
  • Special mode in case emergency/trapped passengers in car
  • Split screen to show movement of two cars



  • Surface mount
  • Slim design: only 16mm depth
  • Dimensions: 286mm x 86mm x 16mm
  • Quick mounting without visible screws using metal bracket
  • Ideal for replacing existing hall units


iCEP-CMBX (Communication Box)

The iCEP-SB is an optional unit designed to reside next to the elevator controller. It provides CAN-based communication with the ICEP in the elevator cabin.

With only 2 wires needed between the iCEP and the ICEP-CMBX, this accessory helps to eliminate the need for all the discrete wires typically running through the elevator travelling cable.

For example, in 10 floor building (90 feet/27.5m) at least 18 wires are needed (total of 1,620 feet/~493m wires) while with iCEP-CMBX only 180 feet/~55m required!

Travelling cable


  • Only two wires needed
  • Eliminating wire per floor


Communication between iCEP and iCEP-CMBX

  • Based on CAN


Communication between iCEP-CMBX and controller

  • Based on Discrete/Binary/Grey code OR CAN/RS-485
  • Alerts and other information sent to iCEP and/or iCON server directly from the controller
  • Optional remote reset to controller